Pleasant Mysteries

Posted by Machete , Monday, July 12, 2010 10:48 PM

God moves in a mysterious way. It's a good way, and the right way, but if we don't understand His ways, it can be frustrating when we hit a wall resulting from an unexpected turn in the maze of life. It is wise and proper to move steadily and confidently, trusting in Him completely, but also knowing that He trusts us. The ever popular "Footprints" poem is sometimes wrong: often when it gets hard, God won't rush in and baby us. I think that He has no interest in having weak, dependent children who wait for Daddy to carry them whenever the sand gets hot. Rather, He gives us the strength to put our feet in places where we never thought we'd have the strength to go, and when we look up and see where we are, where we ourselves have walked by His grace, we drop to our knees in amazement and gratitude.

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Sunny Side Up Says:

I like this. I do think that He will carry us, however, when all our energy is gone, and we have exhausted the strength He has given us. That happens every once in a while, and it reminds us of the infinite love and mercy he not only has for us, but expects us to have for our families and friends in this life :-)

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